Achievements of the division: 

1st Place: ESL 1on1 Hearthstone Christmas Tournament (eLGreco)

1st Place: Hearthstone Inn Tournament Helexpo-eGaming 27/12/13 (Online3D)

1st Place: Hearthstone Inn Tournament Helexpo-eGaming 3/1/14 (Online3D)

2nd Place: Hearthstone EU ManaGrind Open 12 Tournament (ReapeR)

3-4th Place: Hearthstone 1on1 MA OPEN #112 (Lainel)

1st Place: Hearthstone 1on1 Open Cup (Lainel)

2nd Place : Kinx Tournament (LeHuan)

2nd Place : Sixslot Tournament (LeHuan)

1st Place : inSpot Go4Hearthstone Greece Cup #30 (LeHuan)

3rd-4th Place : inSpot Go4Hearthstone Greece Finals - July

3rd Place: Comic Con Cyprus 2016 (LeHuan)

1st Place : Gosu Cup #13 July 2016 (Socratez)

2nd Place : Gosu Cup HCT Europe Cup #1 August 2016 (Socratez)

4th Place : Freaky Friday #10 (Tsukaime)

  • Ztdubz

    Zach Webber

    Im Ztdubz. Im a hearthstone player/ streamer. I have been playing since the game was released and am very competitive when it comes to the game. I liek to play all styles of decks but my favorite is control. I have been high legend many times and my most recent sucess was rank 1 legend in wild for the january season. ...Read More

  • katsitragi

    Alexandros Galanis

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  • rebobson

    Francis Robson

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