Achievements of the division: 

1st Place: ESL 1on1 Hearthstone Christmas Tournament (eLGreco)

1st Place: Hearthstone Inn Tournament Helexpo-eGaming 27/12/13 (Online3D)

1st Place: Hearthstone Inn Tournament Helexpo-eGaming 3/1/14 (Online3D)

2nd Place: Hearthstone EU ManaGrind Open 12 Tournament (ReapeR)

3-4th Place: Hearthstone 1on1 MA OPEN #112 (Lainel)

1st Place: Hearthstone 1on1 Open Cup (Lainel)

2nd Place : Kinx Tournament (LeHuan)

2nd Place : Sixslot Tournament (LeHuan)

1st Place : inSpot Go4Hearthstone Greece Cup #30 (LeHuan)

3rd-4th Place : inSpot Go4Hearthstone Greece Finals - July

3rd Place: Comic Con Cyprus 2016 (LeHuan)

1st Place : Gosu Cup #13 July 2016 (Socratez)

2nd Place : Gosu Cup HCT Europe Cup #1 August 2016 (Socratez)

4th Place : Freaky Friday #10 (Tsukaime)

  • Tsukaime

    Arend Zijdenbos

    Multiple time legend rank player, Getting into tournaments.   Looking forward to working with Invisible Threat and my teammates to see what we can achieve in the competitive Hearthstone scene....Read More

  • Ztdubz

    Zach Webber

    Im Ztdubz. Im a hearthstone player/ streamer. I have been playing since the game was released and am very competitive when it comes to the game. I liek to play all styles of decks but my favorite is control. I have been high legend many times and my most recent sucess was rank 1 legend in wild for the january season. ...Read More

  • katsitragi

    Alexandros Galanis

    ...Read More