ITG League of Legends Announcement

Sun 21st May 2017 - 2:54pm : League of Legends

After almost two years away from League of Legends, we have decided it is time to finally enter the scene once again. We are happy to announce our new League roster!


Niklāvs "Esports King" Rozenbergs - Top Lane, 24 , Latvia

Bartek "cbdu" Doliński - Jungler, 21, Poland

Mateusz "Winged" Dobrzyński - Mid Lane, 21, Poland

Wiktor "De Grandes" Pietrzak - Marksman, 17, Poland

Julie "Fang" Weck - Supports, 24, Denmark



At the role of Coach is Kamil "Sceeptyk" Ciszkowski - 22, Poland


You might remember Winged from our old LoL Roster. After a short break Mateusz decided to make a comeback!


The Captain of the team is Niklāvs also known as "Esports King"


The team has already participated and won the Sunday Brawl EUNE by Challengermode!

Just one of many victories to come! Let’s cheer on our new League of Legends team! #ITGoesBig



Konstantinos Stasinos

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