Heroes of the Storm - Qualifier Recap

Sun 27th Nov 2016 - 11:17am : Heroes of the Storm

As the 19th seed, ITG were going into the qualifiers as one of the dark horses of the competition. But qualifying was always our goal and we knew going into the tournament that there would be teams equal to and greater than us in terms of skill and preparation. But Kam, our new coach, emphasized to the team that on our day we are one of the best teams in North America.

We were happy with our preparation and felt we had improved on a few things before entering the competition, and it showed, as ITG started the event well with an emphatic 2 - 0 win over “Last Minute Pug”. After such a positive start, the team was confident going into their next game.

Our second round matchup was against the 14th seed “Cata’s Encore”. Similar in ranking, we were wary of their talent and their strategy going into the game. They were also able to win their first game 2 - 0, taking out the 51st seed.

We took the match 2 - 0 and made our way into the third round of qualifying, where a tough game against the 3rd seed would be waiting for us.

Our coach, Kam, said that “we knew DTS was going to be a challenge.”

“Dumpster Tier Superstars” (DTS) were lucky enough to have a bye first round, earnt through their high seed going into the tournament. The second round was easy enough for them, as they swept past “BIG sorry”, seeded 30th out of 64 teams.

ITG felt confident that they could pull off an upset against DTS. We had fought well against a similarly seeded team, so we felt as though we could take it to the next step and go toe to toe with one of the top teams in the bracket. 

The scoreline may not have shown the true story, but it was well played by DTS and unfortunately, they were able to take the match 2 - 0, proving too strong for an ITG team that had more than proved their worth and their skill in a tough competition.

Kam believes that “our preparation is what we needed to improve on.”

DTS eventually crashed out of the tournament in the next round after losing to the 6th seed “No Tomorrow”.

The tournament final is to play between the first and second seeds, “Gale Force eSports” and “Naventic”. Naventic only dropped 1 map throughout the qualifier, while GFE had a clean run through to the final, winning every map.







Ed Gooden

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