A Deckbuilding Journey: Malygos Rogue by Arend Zijdenbos

Mon 20th Mar 2017 - 8:30pm : Hearthstone

With the new expansion coming out next month one of the decks moving to wild will be Malygos Rogue. Due to the loss of Emperor Thaurissan it won’t be possible anymore to play this amazing deck so i wanted to give everyone a chance to enjoy it while it’s still around!

 Deck Core

As Malygos Rogue is one of the remaining combo centered decks there aren’t many flexible slots in the deck as the core consists of 27 essential cards also making the remaining options much harder to decide.

The style of the deck is reliant on being able to draw through most of the deck and use spells in combination with Malygos being discounted by our previously mentioned Emperor Thaurissan. With the last expansion Rogue got a new interesting card the Counterfeit Coin creating a lot more options and tools to make the deck more reliable!

 Deck Tech Decisions

Sap is a very meta depended card that can’t be considered core as sometimes you just don’t want to sap your opponent’s minions like in the current meta where everything is small and aggressive or has a strong battlecry.

Beneath the grounds should be considered more as a tournament card but is worth mentioning as it’s a strong card against any reno deck or other cycle based decks like Miracle Rogue.

By putting the 3 cards into your opponent’s deck it stops Kazakus and Reno Jackson’s battle cry from being able to activate.

Edwin is certainly a interesting card to play in this deck, as much as you’d ideally not use cards without malygos, a lot of the time you have to remove certain minions with cards like our backstab and shadowstrike or even fan of knives, and then having an Edwin to combo with it can help you out immensely in the early game as you won’t be required to use removal cards for a while and instead use the minion to in a way create more removal tools.

Barnes is one of the cards also moving to wild when the next expansion is released and there’s a lot of mixed feelings about it. On one hand, the card is incredible and makes for a lot of unique and interesting scenarios as a solid minion with insane upside in some decks like a ragnaros or archmage antonidas in Tempo Mage or more of a niche deck such as Y’Shaarj hunter which was played a while back.

On the other hand, Competitively the card is a disaster. It creates a lot of, though sometimes fun, often frustrating randomness for either player.

Another solid card to include is Xaril, though not required to the deck it does give a lot of options that can be very useful for playing the deck. Each being good in their own scenario, such as the Bloodthistle Toxin (Shadowstep) creating a lot of cool interactions with Auctioneer, maybe even Azure drake or Malygos to set up for the coming turns.

 Completed Decklist

As malygos rogue isn’t one of the mainstream decks at the moment due to its weakness against pirate warrior there aren’t many decklists out there. But linked below is my version of the deck which i played last season with great success!



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