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Thu 10th Nov 2016 - 12:42pm : Hearthstone
Hearthstone is once again being treated to an exciting new expansion. Its release date is said to be sometime in December; but before then Blizzard has given players information regarding the update to give them time to either change their game style or make any necessary deck changes.
At ITG, we are lucky enough to have an incredibly talented Hearthstone line up. We are delighted to provide the fans with an in depth and articulate analysis of the most recent update, courtesy of Socratez one of our leading Hearthstone team members.
The next Hearthstone expansion is coming out in about a month. I’m always excited to see new cards and unique game mechanics change the game to make way for new strategies and deck building ideas. Older sets won’t rotate out until the start of the next standard year, so it’s likely that the most popular decks right now won’t change all that much.
However some new decks may emerge, as paladin is getting some nice buffs for those who prefer the aggressive approach. Taunt warrior may also become a thing, but it remains to be seen how consistent those new cards will deliver. Druid got a new legendary that will see play in most ramp oriented decks, being extremely versatile for a 10 mana card.
What also caught my attention is the new mage minion that shuffles a copy of a friendly minion into your deck. But the biggest surprise might be Kazakus, a multiclass legendary for priest, warlock, and mage that allows you to create a custom spell. Speaking of multiclass mechanics, I’m excited to see the various applications of this new dynamic. It allows you to obtain cards from three different classes. So a warlock could obtain healing cards from priest for example. Together with Kazakus and some other good, yet to be disclosed cards, this might just give the Renolock a better edge in the new meta.
So what about priest? From what I can tell priest got some buffs even though it’s mostly aimed at the dragon theme.We’ll have to see if it will be enough, or if priest continues to struggle. So far no shaman cards have been released except for the multiclass card that allows shaman to obtain druid or rogue cards other than their own. But I’m sure we can all agree that shaman doesn’t need more punching power as it is. Of course, it’s way too early to draw conclusions, as only a small part of the new cards have been released so far.
And until the next year of standard we won’t be forced to replace cards in existing decks, except for the most powerful new cards that will always find their way into the new meta game.
Either way, I’m looking forward to playing the new cards, create fancy spells with Kazakus, discover the creative uses of the multiclass mechanics, and slamming down a 7/7 for zero mana on druid.
 Check out Tsukaime's Youtube channel from an even deeper look into the newest cards. 


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