Our New Hearthstone Team

Fri 26th Aug 2016 - 3:52pm : Hearthstone

We have consider Hearthstone to be an integral part of our past and future success. The team we have recruited is, to our belief, a team that can achieve exciting results.

It was clear to us that these players are experienced and skillful. They have shown examples throughout their respective trial periods of why they are ready to represent Invisible Threat Gaming. We are expecting to see a much more improved Invisible Threat Gaming lineup for upcoming LAN tournaments across all games, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Dota 2. Please welcome the newest members of Invisible Threat Gaming.


Avgerinos "LeHuanPlayz" Demosthenous

Class: Druid
Highest rank: Top100 #51

  • Kinx Tournament/2nd place
  • Sixslot Tournament/2nd place
  • inSpot Go4Hearthstone Greece Cup #30/1st place
  • inSpot Go4Hearthstone Greece Finals - July 2016/3rd-4th place


Steven "Socratez" de Bruijn

Class: Druid
Highest rank: Top #1000

  • Gosu Cup #13 July 2016/1st place
  • Gosu Cup HCT Europe Cup 1 August 2016/2nd place


František "TheBestDeck" Škola

Class: Shaman/Warrior
Highest Rank: Top100 #54

  • ESL Tournament/1st place
  • ESL Go4Hearthstone Europe Cup #58 - 14th


Arend "Tsukaime" Zijdenbos

Highest Rank: Top500 #261





Ed Gooden

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