Invisible Threat Gaming - A New Chapter

Thu 26th May 2016 - 9:11am : General : Gaming

Invisible Threat Gaming has undergone a complete reconstruction, including a new website, new sponsors, and an incredible new logo. Since the founding of Invisible Threat Gaming, the staff and players have strived for success, spending their time and money to create an organization that the fans can support with pride. Recently, we felt that a change was necessary and after several meetings and heated discussions, Invisible Threat Gaming are proud to announce our new website, two new sponsors and our extraordinary new logo.

The new website aims to utilize a simplistic design and layout to have the most important news the first thing to be seen by our fans. The black and red theme coupled with the large paneled images offer a visually appealing and practically excellent website that everyone at Invisible Threat Gaming can be proud of. We welcome two new sponsors to the Invisible Threat Gaming: Custom eSports and NoScope.

Custom eSports joins the ITG family as we further our efforts to be recognized as a respected organization by giving the chance for fans to show their support for the team through buying shirts, jumpers, and other merchandise.

NoScope specializes in professional gaming glasses. We believe the health and well-being of our players to be of the utmost importance. It is with this being said that we accept the support of NoScope EyeWear, as they strive to provide the safest and best protection for our players.  We are proud to have the support of NoScope and to have their name shown next to ours.

Finally, the most exciting aspect of our rebranding sees a complete revamp of our previous logo. The iconic wolf still remains, but instead being drawn closer, the traditional black and red of the previous logo remain, in respect to our roots and heritage at Invisible Threat.

The players at Invisible Threat are incredibly proud to represent ITG and now, we hope that our fans are proud to call Invisible Threat Gaming, their gaming organization.





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