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Fri 27th Jan 2017 - 10:12am : General : Gaming : Counter-Strike

Invisible Threat Gaming are proud to once again welcome a Danish CS:GO team to the organization. ITG first adopted the Danish CS community by signing our former team early last year for their initial season in the Intermediate Danish League. They performed well, collecting 8 wins, 2 ties and 4 losses, only just missing out on promotion. The team and ITG split a few months later, leaving Invisible Threat Gaming seeking another exciting and potentially dominant CS:GO team. Trials were undertaken with teams from Hungary, Greece and Sweden, but none of them impressed enough to sign them permanently. The search continued, and the Danish scene once again seemed the most suitable option for ITG.

The team we initially contacted excited us straight off the bat. Their professionalism and etiquette away from their keyboards was outstanding. Their skill was on another standard to what we had seen in our previous trials and it was after only a few hours of research did we know that this team would be perfect for ITG. The trial period was over a week or so, giving the team a chance to impress in training and a faceit cup. The Danes were impressive throughout both of these important aspects of the trial; their training was structured and well managed by an experienced coach and a captain who offered strong and assertive leadership. The FaceIt cup was a real eye opener for everyone at ITG, their run of 5 unbeaten runs was incredibly impressive. The team went onto win the faceit league cup. It was the general consensus of everyone at ITG that this Danish group were the perfect candidate to be ITG’s next marquee team. It is without further a do that we welcome Martin (Miko), Rasmus (Morpheus), Rene (Loginz), Nicolai (Nichoe), Daniel (Duzt) and our coach Niclas (Del337ed) to the Invisible Threat Gaming family.

The team are signed on a month long deal, with an option of extension to another 2 months after a 30 day period has passed. Everyone at ITG are proud to welcome all six of our newest team members. Due to military commitments, one our members has unfortunately had to vacate his position in the team indefinitely. Trails are in the works and scheduled for potential new members.

We spoke to Niclas, the team’s coach ahead of their official announcement.

“The team and I first played together in early september, it’s really the first time that I’ve felt a connection with a group of players in my career.” said Niclas, who was “introduced to CS 1.6 by his Godfather” at a very young age.

The Danish scene is incredibly competitive, with several tier 1, 2 and 3 teams coming from the nordic nation. Therefore, a strong result at the largest Danish LAN (CPH Games) is highly sought after since it is often the turning point for Danish sides and also a platform where they can compete against past winners like SK Gaming, NiP and Copenhagen Wolves, just to name a few.

“We had been playing/watching other Danish teams and organizations for some time now, and we realized we deserve to be at the top and we had the motivation to to do. We searched for a foreign organization and after coming across ITG, we all nodded and realized that this is the place for us to be”.

A thriving relationship between player and coach is an integral part of a healthy team, communicating between one another, creating new strategies and working through problems as a collective group of six shows true chemistry between the player’s and their coach and it is credit to Niclas and the team that they have such a relationship.

René 'lgZ' Thelin - In game Leader

Rasmus Dreier 'Morpeus' Thrane - Entry Fragger

Daniel 'duzt' Lindgren - Lurker

Nicolai 'Nichoe' Christensen - Support

Martin 'Miko' Olsen - Second Entry

Niclas 'Del337ed' Jensen - Coach





Ed Gooden

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