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Mon 16th Jan 2017 - 2:34pm : General : Gaming

William Simmons is the founder and CEO of “The Will Gamez” and sees this partnership “as one of true value; we are both companies that can grow together”.

The Will Gamez is an organization focused on bringing local players together to compete in games such as Super Smash Bros, Call of Duty and other popular console titles. Tournaments have been held all around South Carolina; they are a stepping stone for younger players and a final accomplishment for more experienced gamers looking to prove their skills.

In collaboration with ITG, Will is going to be hosting events with both PC and console games available for playing. ITG are looking forward to seeing as many of our fans attending these events and also learning from Will and his company as we both grow together. Most recently they held a tournament in collaboration with Starlite gaming which had over 30 people in attendance, all enjoying themselves and all competing at the highlest level. Will was at the event and he made some “critical announcements” regarding 2017 and the future of Will Gamez.

“The league that we’re launching next year is called The Will League” and also for those who are in high school, we’ll be launching a high school league as well.” Will is a hardworking, passionate and committed member of the global eSports community. We believe, as Will does, that this partnership will be the beginning of something great. He sees the future of eSports being built from local leagues and tournaments, he believes in his home town and sees potential in how they play and conduct themselves within the gaming community. “We are really focused on developing the eSports community here in South Carolina” said Will. “It’s a huge business and we do understand that people don’t know how to get into it, but we’re making a push to developing an eSports community where everyone feels welcome.” An attendant of the tournament said, “I’d like to be able to hold my kids to the same standard as an athletic event. See them go to other schools and compete, much like a high school football game.” Announcements regarding new and exciting projects coming from both Will and ITG are set to be published soon.

A recap of the tournament can be found at The Will Gamez facebook page or by clicking this link:




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