Dota 2 Returns to ITG

Mon 31st Oct 2016 - 4:39am : General : Gaming : Dota 2

Dota 2 is an important piece of ITG and has been since its founding, so we began our search hoping to find a team worthy of continuing the fantastic legacy left by our previous teams.

We are delighted to announce our new Dota 2 roster: 

Nick "Kini" Kitsis - Second Support and Roamer

Pantelis "Lorc" Tsantaris - offlaner

Thanasis "Mouta" Moutafidis - Team CPT ans Mid laner

Bill "Theotrelos" Tselikis - Support and also brother of W22

Jim "W22" Tselikis - Carry

Similar to our previous team, the team will keep their current name of CowRangers, but instead be partnered with ITG to be known as “ITG.CowRangers”.

Our newest team is currently competing in the Dota 2 Major League Greece Qualifier, and are placed 4th out of a total 16 teams. The Greek team has started well, losing just one of their first 4 games, leaving them in a fantastic position to top the division and qualify for the nationwide tournament in Greece. Their next will be on Saturday 5th of November the opponent is TBD. So keep an at our social medias for further updates. They will also participate in Star Ladder Season 17 AM League , the games will begin at 14th of November. The team is currently living together in an organization sponsored gaming house. We believe that the team living together, training together and competing together gives the best possible preparation for online and LAN tournaments. News out of the house is promising, as new strategies and timings are being added to their repertoire each day. 

A word from the team captain Mouta: “I have been playing with this team for quite a long time now.  We have great chemistry with each other since we are also friends in real life and we know each other very well. Joining ITG is important for us since we have previously operated as a player run organization. With an organization by our side we will take the next step and start participating in more tournaments and i am looking forward for what is yet to come. I am glad that we will represent ITG and i believe we will not disappoint them.”

CEO and Dota 2 Manager Konstantinos Stasinos said: “I am really excited that after all this time we managed to find a team capable enough to represent us. The fact that they are training together and they are all under the same roof makes everything much better. I am looking forward to see the team in more tournaments.” We look forward to seeing the team continue their excellent run of results and qualify for their next big tournament.




Ed Gooden

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