ITG Signs a New Dota 2 Roster!

Sat 4th Mar 2017 - 3:31pm : Dota 2

Invisible Threat Gaming is excited to announce the next step in our eSports venture with the signing of our new Dota 2 roster! Meet the team!


Carry – Stelios Stergiotis

Hailing from Thessaloniki, the 26 year old Stelios has been playing Dota for over six years. He will be joining as the carry and will be coming from the professional team NLG. A few of his favorite characters are Pa, Naix, and Sniper. 

(Main Support) – Makis Kakoulidis

Makis makes his entrance as a 25 year old veteran player from Thessaloniki. He has over 4 years of Dota experience and is also coming from his old team at NLG. His favorite characters include Lion, Shadow Shaman, and Crystal Maiden. 

Offlane - Diogenis Neoxoritis

Also coming from Thessaloniki, Diogenis Neoxoritis is 23 years old and will be the offlaner for the team. Invisible Threat Gaming will be Diogenis’ first foray into the competitive scene, but he is no stranger to dota. Diogenis has been playing Dota for over 4 years and his favorite characters include Bristleback, Slardar, and Phoenix.

Semi-Support - Vasilis Tafralis

Mr. Tafralis shares the same hometown of Thessaloniki and is the 25 year old semi-support for ITG. Like a few of his teammates, he also has experience in the competitive scene with NLG. His favorite characters include Pudge, Mirana, and Ogre. 

Mid - Thanasis Moutafidis

Thanasis is the team captain and also the star mid laner for ITG at the young age of 21. Having been playing Dota since 2011, Thanasis plans on leading the team with his insight and experience. 

“I was born and raised at Soho, Salonica, Greece. I have been playing Dota since patch 5.84. In 2011, I was one of the first dota 2 players in Greece since at the time I was a staff member at I am the team captain and my role is the Mid lane.”


We at ITG are excited to see what this new roster will hold. Stay tuned for more info regarding the team’s schedule and tournament results! 



Konstantinos Stasinos

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